Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RE appt and some wishful thinking...

So we had our appointment with the RE yesterday. It went OK. We got there 15 minutes before our appointment and ended up waiting over an hour to see him, which was frustrating. Then he told me that he doesn't think my thyroid is an issue, it was just a peak in a natural flux of rising and falling. Then he said that my fsh and amh were normal and my poor AFC count was probably just a fluke. The frustrating thing for me is that when they called to tell me my follicle count was so low and they wanted to do more tests to determine ovarian reserve I specifically asked if there could be a mistake, I am a heavy girl and the tech kept saying that it was difficult to see my ovary because I had a full bowel. So I mentioned that when they called and they kept saying it wasn't a mistake. Now Dr.morris is saying they couldn't get a good picture because of my size and the low follicle count was probably just due to poor visualization. So frustrating!

Anyway they he told us that he wanted to start us off by doing unmedicated IUI for 3 cycles (maybe use an hcg trigger if the egg doesn't seem to be popping and then use progesterone in oil injections during my LP. I'm just kind of irritated about the while thing. He acts like we're rushing into this, like we have no idea what we're doing. We've been trying for more than 2 years and we've experienced losses. We're veterans at ttc. He kept making references to how young I am and I just feel like he's not taking us seriously.

Anyway, hubs and I are disappointed but we're willing to give it a shot.

On Sunday night (about 8dpo) I had this weird orange cm, so maybe I won't end up needing any of this afterall and ill find out I'm preggers in a few days. Wishful thinking, I know.

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