Monday, January 31, 2011

cd 1

I may not have a baby, but at least I have TWO amazing cupcakes from Molly's cupcakes.

Bring on the IUI. I am trying to pack the shit out of this cycle so that I have very little time to obsess. We are going to drive to KY the weekend after the iui (Feb 18-21) to visit family. Plus we bought a 3 hour raw vegan foods cooking class for Feb 21st (aka 7dpo) plus we're working on buying theatre tickets for that week too. Plus I have acupuncture, yoga, and centergy. Plus I have 3 girlfriends on standby for a "date night"

Also, today I booked a massage with the gift certificate my mom got me so I'll be nice and relaxed to start treatment. Oh! And we have a Resolve support group meeting on Wednesday and that will help a lot too.

Sheesh! I know it sounds like a lot, but I'm determined to avoid the 'ol "start testing at 7dpo and obsessing every waking moment" crap that happens every month. I need to stay busy and stay happy and fulfilled!

Wish me luck...

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