Friday, January 21, 2011

centergy class and hpts

hubs and i went to Centergy class again last night and it totally kicked my butt! so many squats and lunges my hips and thighs are so sore i'm walking bow-legged! it felt good to be active though and the guided meditation at the end is really helping my stress i think.

i also got the hpts i ordered off of amazon and they are regrettably crap. they were supposed to be from a company that makes the sticks a little wider so they're easier to read. I also know from testing after my MC that they detect an hcg level of 9 (I had a beta the same day). and they totally sent me these little sticks from a completely different company and have pink tips instead of blue tips. I know, I realize I sound insane, but when you find a good cheap hpt that works you have to hang on to it. So now I have to either suck it up and use these crappy hpt or call the company about the order and sound like a baby obsessed psycho... hmmm decisions decisions... i feel sort of embarassed. Its such a crap-shoot to order hpts online, sometimes you get great ones and sometimes you get the lousy pink ones (they have this fat visible indent line even before you pee on it) so frustrating!

I just can't get over the fact that I (a) order hpts in bulk and (b) am so picky about them that I'm basically a hpt connoisseur...

so glad i'm annonymous on here. i'd be mortified if anyone in real life knew this about me

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