Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i am being posessed by a demon?

so my husband is becomming catholic. yup. just as i'm losing what little faith i ever had, hubs is embracing the catholic lord. what a complete 180. i'm glad that he's found solace, but it's interesting how we're handled this whole infertility miscarriage debacle so differently. he has to believe that there is a master plan at work here, and i have to believe that it's all just bad luck (and if there is a master plan at work, i think it's a shitty plan and i don't want any part of it). we're both just comforting ourselves. it hasn't caused any animosity. well, maybe a little. probably on par with the animosity he feels when i come home from Sephora and have to convince him that i need $200 worth of cosmetics and hair products...

i heard from my sister on monday that my mom believes i am being plagued by a demon. i'm not even kidding. a real demon. she is apparently telling my siblings that i am on the cusp of demonic possession and they all need to pray for me. my older sister is doing a novena.

my mom took a bunch of pictures of me at my birthday party and there were these dust mite orbs and smoke rings from the just blown out candles around my in the picture and my mom is holding them up as proof. there's the demon that stole my baby and is ruining my life. this could all be fixed if i'd just pray more and perhaps seek counsel on a exercisim...

true story. i'm not even making this up. is it any wonder i don't believe any of this anymore? she's been doing this since i was a kid. in fact, when i was miscarrying and all high on painkillers i actually started hallucinating that the devil was eating my baby. i had horrible nightmares all night. i even wrote about it HERE.

it's ok. i mean, more than anything else it's funny, right? if i don't laugh at the sheer ridiculousness i don't know what i'd do. and it is ridiculous. who believe this?

my new trick when things like this happen and people/family say idiotic things is to look for the intention underneath all the bullshit. their intention (through prayers and rosaries and novenas) is to send positive energy my way. so i'm opening myself up to recieve it. it may not be my type of energy, but they're helping the only way they know how and their intentions are good. all i have to do is open my heart and be grateful. and do yoga, lots and lots of stress relieving yoga...

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