Thursday, December 9, 2010

whats going on

so my husband had his work holiday party on 12/7. I was sort of dreading it because he just started this job in the spring and i haven't met any of his coworkers yet. when i had the miscarriage they all sent cards and stuff saying how sorry they were, so it kind of freaked me out that all these people knew about me was that i had a miscarriage last month. but it wasn't such a big deal. everyone was friendly and nice and the food was good and no one said anything about the baby so i'm glad everything turned out ok.

i was horribly sick last week. started as a head cold and grew into strep throat and a sinus infection. was running a fever most of the weekend. finally on monday i called my doctor to see if they could squeeze me in, but of course they couldn't see me for another week and a half. so i ended up going into one of those walgreens walk-in clinics. it was so expensive! $69.99 for the "office" visit and then the strep test was $17. but at least i got some antibiotics and am starting to feel better.

hubs and i are supposed to go to wisconsin dells this weekend with my friend, her son, her sister and her daughter. basically 2 families with kids... wish me luck

i am glad though that my friend and i were able to make up. i think i wrote a really impassioned note about it somewhere back there. anyway, she was bugging me all last week about whether or not we were going to go on this trip (we paid for it back in september) and finally i called her and we both started crying and managed to find some middle ground. i'm still hurt about how my friends kind of abandoned me when i lost the baby, but i'm beginning to realize that they really did just have no idea what to say or do...

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