Friday, December 17, 2010

if i don't conceive this month i'm going to be devastated

there. i admitted it.

if it doesn't happen for me i'm going to be murderous with disappointment. i will not be able to get out of bed for days. there i admitted it. i feel better. i keep feeling this need to not get my hopes up, to stay grounded so the fall doesn't break me again. but i can't help it. i am excited and i desperately want a baby.

it seems like everything is lining up. i just can't believe it.
1- i was on a 10 day course of penicillin (antibiotics) for my strep throat on CD2-12. i just found out (courtesy of dr. google and TCOYF message boards) that being on antibiotics gives you an insane amount of cervical fluid and actually a lot of doctors will prescribe it when you're going through ART to give you a "boost" in your EWCM. i have never had such great ewcm in my entire reproductive life.
2- everyone says you're more fertile after a miscarriage. not sure if it's true, but i'm willing to believe
3- i got an hsg on CD11 and everyone says you're more fertile after an hsg. again, i'm not sure if it's true, but i'm willing to believe.
4- i'm ovulating around the full moon (dec 21st) and it also happens to be the winter solstice. double whammy!
5- today my CBFM went to "HIGH" fertility, which has me all giddy and excited. plus my opks are getting darker. come on little egg!
6. hubs and i have managed to sperminate me every night since CD11 (after the hsg). since we found out he has no problems with his supply/count we are doing it as much as possible. we are going to try for every single night til CD20. I'm on cd13 now, so hopefully it works. it's kind of a modified SMEP (sperm meets egg plan).

please keep your collective fingers and toes crossed for me. i'm so excited i can hardly stand it. come on little egg!

i'll be testing on new years eve.

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