Thursday, December 30, 2010

frer EPIC FAIL!!

I just experienced the worst thing any obsessive ttc woman could possibly experience- not 1, not 2 but fucking 3 huge fat-ass indent/evap lines on a FRER. It came up right away, it didn't fade, there was even a little pink to it. Weird, I thought, but probably a fluke. I had peed in a cup and was doing the dip method, so I opened another one. Same result. Fat instantaneous grey line. I started to get excited, really excited. I dipped the third. Same result. Maybe that's what the new positives look like? At 11dpo and 11:15 at night I was desperate for answers. I grabbed my purse and hustled over to Walgreens and bought 2 FRER dgital (supposedly the most sensitive). Big fat NO WAY JOSE.

Now I'm a cross between sobbing uncontrollably and feeling irrationally hopeful that this is some kind of early positive. I'm so devastated and pissed. I will never buy first response pregnancy tests again. What a fucking shitstorm.

Dear universe- thank you for once again kicking me when I'm down. Happy fucking new year.

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