Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HSG after miscarriage

so i had my hsg today. i'm on cd 11 and the last few days i've had an insane amount of cervical fluid. really just gobs, more than i've ever had before. i was considering canceling the procedure because honestly i'm afraid it's going to throw my cycle off and my O is looking so good i don't want to mess with it. also, i sort of feel like it might be too soon after losing the baby. i mean, i know i'm able to get pregnant and my tubes aren't blocked because obviously i was pregnant. but i decided to just get it out of the way.

last night hubs got into a car accident and smashed up the front end of our tiny car, so to get to the surgical center in naperville my mother was kind enough to rent us a car. we left later than i anticipated because of this and didn't end up getting to the surgical center until 11 (instead of 10:30). but the hsg appt was at 11:15 so i figured we'd still be ok.

i was kind of expecting a pap-smear type thing, but this was a serious surgical center. when we arrived i filled out the forms (and found out i had to pay a $150 copay) and they immediately took me to this little curtained off room. i had to put on a surgical gown, booties, and a hair cover thing. it was sort of daunting considering that i'd imagined it more like a pap smear.

the nurse led me into the sugery room- and it was a real surgical room. very scary, lots of people, all these machines. i wasn't expecting that. dr morris was super nice and talked to me about the procedure. then i got up on the table, put my legs in the stir-ups and kind of flashed the whole room. there were 2 techs and a nurse who all introduced themselves to me. it was a little overwhelming.

then dr. morris inserted a speculum which was uncomfortable because i think he had it open all the way. i couldn't really feel very much- he told me what he was doing as he was doing it, he washed my cervix with iodine (which was cold) and then he said "i'm going to give you some pain reflief to numb your cervix" which i think was a shot, but i couldn't tell. it was a very fast pinch. then he told me to look to my right and i could watch him insert the catheter into my uterus. it was kind of neat, but also sad to see it was so empty.

while it was filling with dye i was watching the pictures and my uterus looked normal and appeared to have a thick lining. i was worried that something was wrong with one of my tubes because i couldn't really see it filling with dye on the screen, but i think that was just the angle. the whole procedure was completely painless.

afterwards (maybe 5 minutes later- it was quick!) when he pulled the catheter out of me he went over all the pictures with me and told me everything looked great. no blockages, normal shaped uterus, clean tubes. everything was fine. one of the techs put these huge granny panties on me that had a maxi pad in them.

then the nurse helped me into a wheel chair (which was sort of unnecessary) and wheeled me back into the curtained room. they told me to take 15 minutes to eat a few cookies and drink some juice before i got dressed. hubs came back and gave me a foot massage. then we left.

really, the procedure was SOO easy. no pain at all. i had some menstrual type cramping afterwards, but it wasn't bad. for me the hardest part was emotional. it was so hard to see my empty uterus and it made me miss my baby so much. i know i went through the whole miscarriage thing and even had a period, but still- it was hard on me emotionally. i keep crying.

i may have to consider this cycle a wash. i feel like shit and i'm pretty sure the hsg is going to throw my O day off. it's a shame because i was hoping to ovulate around the winter solstice (dec 21st) because it's a full moon and there'll also be a lunar eclipse. i guess we'll see...

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