Wednesday, February 16, 2011

well that settles it

Just received a reply from my RE. Faster than I expected. I will C&P it here later when I'm not on my phone.

Here's the gist of it: Your estrogen is rising and I'm not giving up on this cycle yet so I think we should just focus on this protocol. Because of your age I am uncomfortable being more aggressive at this time, if ovulation is not confirmed then we can discuss the possibility of clomid, but I am unwilling to look at injectibles at this time because of the high risk of multiples in your age group. It is more than likely that you are preparing to ovulate, but we are just unable to visualize it on ultrasound because of your weight.

OK, if the problem is my weight I will acknowledge that. But he and Lisa (the ultrasound tech) are telling me 2 different things. She says she has no problem visualizing my ovaries and that weight is not a problem with transvaginal ultrasound, only with abdominal. In fact when I mentioned it to her she thought it was ridiculous. So they need to get their stories straight. Also, nothing more aggressive than clomid and iui?!?!? I could've done that with my obgyn.

Looks like we start looking for a new RE after this cycle.

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