Friday, February 18, 2011

Trigger Shot!

gave myself a 20,000iu trigger shot tonight. i was so nervous i kept sticking in the needle a little bit and then pulling it out. hubs was getting frustrated and kept saying "just let me help you" but eventually i just jammed it in there. it was so surreal because it didn't hurt and i just looked at it sticking out of me for a few second before i pushed down the plunger.

it didn't hurt at all going in, but man did it sting for the next few days. ouch! like a beesting or something, plus i got this big raised red welt.

also, i didn't expect to feel so gross afterwards. i got super nauseous and exhausted. i kept thinking "why are these side effects so bad?" then i realized that when i was 6 weeks pregnant my hcg measured 10,000 and i just injected 20,000 into myself. oh, duh, that's like being 10 -12 weeks pregnant. no wonder i felt so awful.

1 comment:

  1. You are so brave for doing your own trigger shot! Oh my!! They make me feel awful too and I just get the 10,000... Good luck!!!