Thursday, February 17, 2011

updated stats

follicular ultrasound shows 7 follicles (i had to push the tech to look for them, intially she only saw 5)
5 on right measuring 5.4mm, 4mm, 5.65mm, 4.5mm, 4.5mm
2 on left measuring 8.6mm and 5.6mm
LH: 3.77
FSH: 3.86
P4 1.29
E2 68.2
endo 8.4

follicular ultrasound shows 4 follicles
1 on rt side measuring 8.3
3 on left measuring 8.5, 6.5, 9.65
E2: 71
LH: 6.36
endo thickness: 7.7

Follicles: R- 5.25, 4.1
              L- 4.9, 5.35, 4.9, 7.6
E2: 118
LH: 8.47
endo: 11.3

Follicles: R- 5.5, 4.5
              L- 6.05, 5.9, 9.5
E2: 124
LH: 9.31
P4: 1.38
endo: 10.7

Oh, and guess what... my TSH from CD 17 is 4.53. But of course there's no relation between being hypothyroid and not ovulating...

UPDATE CD19 - triggered
L ovary 6.25, 6
R ovary 17.55
E2 106
LH 21.1
P4 1.32
ENDO 11.8


  1. Isn't that just something? Yeah, no correlation whatsoever... *eyeroll* Basically I was told a few years ago that I have Hashimotos thyroiditis but since my levels are still all considered textbook "normal range", we have to just wait for it to completely stop functioning before we treat it. But decreased function has nothing to do with all this, I'm sure. Doctors...who needs 'em?! Sorry to hear about all your troubles, Grace. :(

  2. that is so effing ridiculous. i don't understand this whole philosophy of "don't treat it unless it becomes a problem" how about we try treating it *before* it becomes a problem to avoid the problem altogether?
    i know, i'm crazy...