Friday, February 4, 2011


i had a very interesting dream last night. i can't remember the whole thing but i do remember i was introducing my daughter to someone or telling someone about my daughter and i was explaining that we named her Mae to honor the baby we lost that was due in May... interesting. I don't even think i like that name. it certainly doesn't go with any of the first names we've picked out and it sort of "country-izes" everything you add it to. Mercy Mae? Lila Mae? Rebecca Mae?

i also dreamt that i was in a house and i was sort of exploring and it was being remodeled. i went upstairs and saw there was this beautiful stained wood finish room that had these gorgeous looking cribs. I know that when you dream of a house it represents your body and how you feel in your body, so maybe if i dream that my "house" is being remodeled and has new baby furniture it means that my body is getting ready to have a baby? interesting...


  1. Just last week, I had a dream that we found out we were pregnant when we went to our next follicle check ultrasound. They found that two eggs had been fertilized and implanted in different parts of the uterus (as if it's all that big...). Then it fast-forwarded and my hubby and I were carrying around twin sons! Still holding out for that surprise BFP in a couple weeks...although, it doesn't make me want to take the Femara for fear of circus babies!!

  2. wow! good luck!
    LoL at "circus babies" that is too funny. Hoping you meet your boys soon (in real life!)