Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the blind leading the blind

So obviously my day 15 monitoring didn't go very well. Although my estrogen and LH are rising my follicles are simply not developing. Which begs the question is just this cycle annovulatory or have all my post-mc cycles been annovulatory? Have we been trying in vain?

The irritating thing about this whole process is that I thought it would give me more control over things but it's taken what little control I had away. I called in december on CD3 and that was too late to begin treatment, so i got my hsg and waited til january. i called on CD 1 on jan 2nd and they wanted to do a monitoring cycle. ok so i did that. i called on cd 1 on jan.31 and they wanted to do a a natural IUI since it looked like I was ovulating on my own. Well, here we are 3 months into treatment with our RE and fucking nothing. Last cycle they told me I had so few follicles it indicated premature ovarian failure. Luckily my AMH and FSH proved that was not the case. This cycle the ultrasound tech told me that I have so many small follicles that my ovaries look poly-cystic. I asked her what that meant considering last cycle she reported I had 5 antral follicles. She said, you don't have the standard "string of pearls" that indicates PCOS, but there are just so many tiny follicles it looks like some PCOs i look at."

WHAT THE FUCK? how do i go from such a low follicle count that i could have premature ovarian failure to i have so many follicles that i could have PCOS? in one cycle?

so today the nurse calls and tells me that they still don't know whats up, my follicles still aren't growing, but my estridol and LH are rising so they don't understand why my follicles aren't corresponding with my hormones. so then i said, i don't normally have cycles longer than 29 days and since it's looking like this cycle will be annovulatory we are eager to have a protocol in place for next cycle so we don't have to sit another cycle out. then she says that we don't want to make any plans for next cycle since this one isn't over yet and they aren't sure whats going on. OK, but if this doesn't work then what? am i just shit out of luck for next cycle? I made it very clear that i had no intention of sitting out another cycle and that i was eager to have our next step all lined up.

so then the nurse says that they won't know what our next step should be until they know why this cycle didn't pan out. she then suggested that with poor follicle growth like this that injectibles would likely be the next step and that requires a fair amount of time because they have to order meds and teach me how to use them so we probably couldn't start that next cycle. so then i said, well why can't we order then now and teach me how to use them now so that when my next cycle rolls around we're all set. she seemed frustrated by my pushing and said she'd leave a note for my doctor.

Is this normal?

Hubs said something interesting the other night, that we took this path to finally get some questions answered and it really feels like instead of getting some answers we actually have more questions and less answers.

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