Thursday, March 3, 2011

shopping for a new RE

so, after last night's Resolve meeting I am more convinced than ever that i need to find a new RE. Plus one of my friends on babycenter just went to a new RE yesterday and i was all jealous of her glowy account of how perfect he is and how he actually listened to what she had to say.

So here's my HMO approved list of providers:
it's kinda slim pickings for sure. seems like everyone wants to recommend FCI or Advanced Fertility right off the bat. Plus most of these offices are way out in burbs which would be an insane hassel for monitoring twice a week.

I think I'm pretty much settled on Northshore Fertility. It fulfills my very narrow requirements of being a 20 minute drive away and a female doctor.

This is all such a pain in the ass. would it be too much to hope for a BFP at my blood test tomorrow to avoid all this crap?


  1. Hi! I just took a peek at your list and Karande is on there - I've heard of alot of ppl that like it (including that woman fm last nite that just had the ecoptic). I know its far, but there is a woman there! -Jos

  2. Hey hun,
    I would have recommended my own doc at Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago, but it looks like he doesn't make your insurance list, plus he's a he so no really in your criteria.

    I've heard mixed things about NorthShore Fertility, but I actually made an appointment with them myself at one point - which I wound up canceling after I saw Dr. Sherbahn and really liked him. It's worth a try.

    Also, I know I said I really didn't like the Rineheart Center, but I did read some good reviews of Dr. Levin (again a man).

    It's funny, I was really against having a male doc, and had never gone to a male OB/GYN or anything, but I realized at some point that it just didn't matter anymore. So many people have been down their prodding and commenting, that I've got nothing left.

  3. hahaha, you guys are the best. thanks for checking out the list. I'm not totally opposed to a "he" and certainly not because i care about him checkin out my lady bits, i just feel like there was a miscommunication with my current RE and a failure for us to have a meeting of the minds and i blame that partly on him being male. i know it's unfair and sexist, but i really feel like if he were a woman he'd be able to summon up a little compassion for me. maybe that's totally misguided. in fact, that's probably totally misguided... distance is the real issue because my husband and i share a car and he has to leave for work every day at 8AM. so i need a place close enough that i can go for monitoring and still make it back in time for both of us to get to work.